Park Rules

The management intends to maintain a clean, attractive and well kept mobile home park o f which each TENANT can be proud and in which each can live harmoniously and in comfort.  The enforcement of RULES by the MANAGEMENT is necessary to achieve these goals and your adherence is expected and appreciated.  Failure to comply with these RULES will necessitate your removal from the park.

    1. Glenwood Mobile Home Park is a park, with one family residing within one home.
    2. TENANTS are responsible for the conduct of their guests and for their guest’s familiarity with these RULES.
    3. MANAGEMENT reserves the right to limit the number of guests and their duration, if said guests do not abide by the park RULES, or if they infringe on the rights of other park TENANTS.
    4. In an emergency, MANAGEMENT reserves the right to enter TENANT’S home or access to rented lot for purposes of inspection, maintenance or repair. MANAGEMENT shall make every effort to contact and/or notify the TENANT before entry.
    5. Utilities supplied by the Park are reserved for TENANT’S use only.
  2. RENTS
    1. Rents are payable in advance and due on the first (1st) day of each month. Rents received after the third (3rd ) day of each month will be subject to a late charge of twenty-five ($25), with an additional charge of five ($5) dollars for each day after the fourth (4th) day of the month and until the rent is paid.  This also applies to checks that are returned to the bank, for any reason.
    2. Persons not listed on the original rental agreement, who desire to become permanent TENANTS, must apply, in writing, for residency and must be approved, in writing, by the MANAGEMENT.
    1. All mobile homes must be completely skirted within fifteen (15) days after being moved in. Construction of stairways and porches are also to be completed within thirty (30) days.
    2. No fence or other screening is permitted without the written approval of the MANAGEMENT. All improvements and construction costs are the TENANT’S expense.
    3. Exterior of the mobile home shall be in a good state of repair, properly painted, clean and well maintained.
    4. Trampolines of any sort are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances.
    1. MANAGEMENT will direct each TENANT in placing their mobile home on the lot. The set-up including all other utility hook-ups, is solely the TENANT’S responsibility and at the TENANT’S expense, including any city, county, or state inspections.
    2. All homes must be solidly blocked and anchored, where required.
    3. LANDSCAPING and appearance: TENANTS must properly maintain their home and lot.  Each TENANT must present a detailed proposal for the landscaping of their individual space, to the MANAGEMENT, within thirty (30) days after their home has been moved in.   Within sixty (60) days following approval by MANAGEMENT, the subject space shall be landscaped and shall thereafter be kept in good condition.  Neglected lots will be serviced by a contractor chosen by the MANAGEMENT and billed to the TENANT.  Cost of landscaping and maintenance is the sole responsibility of the TENANT.  TENANT occupying such sites containing park shrubs, hedge, plantings or other landscaping will be responsible for the maintenance and condition of said.  Landscaping in the form of bark mulch or wood chips placed adjacent to streets, shall be suitably retained.  A deposit may be requested by the MANAGEMENT, if other than conventional landscaping is placed.
    4. Because of underground utilities, do not drive any instrument into the ground or plant any large trees or shrubs, without first checking with the MANAGEMENT.
    5. The exterior of TENENT’S home and lot must be kept clean and in neat condition. All electrical, sewer, water, etc. connections must be maintained in leak proof condition at all times.
    6. CARPORT and/or shed specifications: TENANT understands that if s/he should elect to erect a carport and/or shed, hereinafter called the STRUCTURE, they must first obtain approval from the MANAGEMENT, of the location and of specifications of said STRUCTURE, in order to ensure consistency within the park.  Only those STRUCTURES that are approved will be permitted in the park at the TENANT’S expense.  TENANT further agrees and understands that once erected said STRUCTURE automatically becomes a permanent improvement in the park and is expected to be maintained by the TENANT.  The OWNER of the Park will have no claim of use while the TENANT occupies the space, however, should TENANT, voluntarily or involuntarily move, relocate or otherwise abandon his/her space, they agree to likewise abandon any claim to said STRUCTURE and does not expect or demand any monies from the OWNER of the park for said STRUCTURE.  With written approval from OWNER, TENANT may remove said STRUCTURE providing the space is completely returned to its original condition.
    1. TENANT’S cars are to be parked headed in. Guests should preferably park in driveways, but are allowed to park along the street, in such a manner so as not to obstruct routine traffic flow or in the passage of emergency vehicles.  TENANTS are restricted to two (2) vehicles on or adjacent to their rented lot.  Exceptions to this rule must be approved in writing by the OWNER.
    2. Oversized or Commercial-size vehicles are NOT allowed unless approved in writing by the OWNER.
    3. No parking is permitted on grassy or landscaped areas. Travel trailers, campers, motor homes, boats, etc. are not to be stored anywhere in the park.
    4. Unsightly, vehicles in disrepair or excessively noisy vehicles may not be allowed within the park.
    5. The use of spray equipment and the repair and breakdown of vehicles is not permitted.
    6. Vehicles dripping oil or gasoline must be repaired immediately to avoid damaging the road or driveways. Major repairs of automobiles are NOT ALLOWED in the park.
    7. Vehicles traveling in the park will adhere strictly to the speed limit of maximum of ten (10) miles per hour.
    8. Motorcycles, motorbikes or ATV’s, if not excessively noisy, will be permitted only as transportation to and from the park. Riding through and around the park is prohibited.
    9. MANAGEMENT assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to any vehicle traveling or resting within the park.
    1. TENANT must maintain their lots in a clean, attractive manner, including front, sides and back areas. If a lot is neglected, MANAGEMENT reserves the right to perform necessary maintenance and TENANT will be charged for the work performed.
    2. Each TENANT must keep their lot free of trash, debris, tools, ladders, home furnishings, etc. and landscaping shall be properly maintained at all times. No garbage or junk shall be visible.
    3. All trash and garbage must be canned. All garbage must be deposited in the provided garbage dumpster.  ONLY household garbage may be put into the dumpster – NO furniture, etc. is to be put into the provided dumpster.  Please do not abuse this privilege.
    4. No signs may be posted by TENANTS anywhere in the park. Signing is permitted in the windows of TENANT’S home.
    1. See Pet Addendum in conjunction with Monthly Lease Agreement.
    1. All facilities are used at the TENANT’S risk.
    2. MANAGEMENT assumes no responsibility for loss due to fire, theft, winds, floods, accidents, or any other cause. Each TENANT must obtain and maintain all liability and property insurance necessary for the use and ownership of their home on leased property.
    3. Water must NOT be left running to prevent freezing. When watering, always use a nozzle or sprinkler, never let water run freely from the end of the hose.  Water must not be left running when TENANT is away from home.  Running water can cause damage to the septic tank and drain field.  DAMAGE related to water left running is entirely the TENANT’S responsibility.
    4. Loud talking, radios, television, stereos, or other noises are not permitted or any loud parties or vehicles, which may disturb the other TENANTS.
    5. Violations of any city, county, state or federal law will not be tolerated and violators will be given notice of eviction. No act or misdemeanors shall be committed, which could place MANAGEMENT in a violation of any law, code or ordinance.
    6. Trespassing on other TENANT’S lots is prohibited, unless by mutual consent by between TENANTS.
    7. No commercial business, soliciting or peddling may be conducted on the Park premises, without the MANAGEMENT’S permission.
    1. Mobile homes may not be rented, loaned or used for any other purposes other than residing.
    2. Subletting is not permitted unless approved in writing by MANAGEMENT.
    1. Children must play in their own yards or only where they have been expressly invited. They may not play or wander near or on other TENANT’S property.  This is trespassing and will be enforced and treated as such.
    1. Building Permit: May be obtained at Riverside City Hall.  Permit for a double-wide is $75; a single wide is $50.
    2. Electrical Permit: May be obtained from the Department of Labor and Industries; 1234 S. 2nd, Okanogan, WA.  Contact Steve Bartelson at 509-826-7345.
    3. Kruse Electric will wire your mobile home to the panel (you can use a different vendor if preferred); you will need to dig a ditch from your mobile home site to the panel.
    4. Phone hook-up can be installed by contacting the local phone company.
    5. Postal Service: Contact the local United States Post Office for an address and to confirm box number:  5, Box ____ Space # ____